Our Immediate Past Club officers!

Meet our immediate past club officers for the term (July 2016 – Dec 2016)



President Ranjani Bhat
Vice President Education (VP Ed.) Kaveri Dey
Avp-Education Rajiv Vohra
Vice President Membership Atikant Singh
Avp-membership Dinesh Kumar
Vice President PR Masthan Reddy
Avp-pr Nanda Kumar
Treasurer Kamaljeeth
Secretory Pooja
Sergeant at Arms (SAA) Anirudh
Associate-SAA Kishore
Resource Library Admins Chandra & Maheswari

1.The President – Ever Smiling Toastmaster Mrs Ranjani Bhat


I had joined Express2Lead club  in Jan 2014. I  have served the club as AVP education, VP Membership in previous terms. I am VP education in the present term. I am Associate Director D2 for Education and Training.
I  have completed my Masters of Business administration in Finance and am an certified cost and works accountant ( ICWA). I Work as a Tax lead at Ernst and Young Pvt Ltd.
I am a believer in servant leadership philosophy and hope and promise to serve the club and members to best of my ability.

2. Our Immediate past president & current Area Director for D3, the cool captain of our club Toastmaster Mr Abdul Manaf


Hi friends, this is Abdul. My full name is Abdul Manaf. People call me both Manaf and Abdul; I like to be called as Abdul. I’m a computer science and engineering graduate from Cochin University of science and technology. I am from Kerala. I did most of my education in Kerala. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2010. Presently I work as a Senior Technical lead with QSI Healthcare India.
I attended my first Toastmasters meeting in the year 2013 at Express2Lead, this meeting attracted me to Toastmasters. I joined Express2Lead in 2013 and I got the opportunity to serve multiple leadership roles in this Club. Last year I got the unique opportunity to be part of the leadership development program organized by district 92. I am currently Area Director for D3. It’s been a great journey so far…
I love reading, watching and playing cricket, football, badminton and swimming. I am passionate about data analytics and solving problems involving massive amount of data. I am great fan of simplicity. I like to be very simple in all aspects of my life. I love cooking too…

3. Vice president Education(VP Ed) – The lively Toastmaster Ms Kaveri Dey


I am from Kolkata but my education and job saw me calling both Chennai and Bangalore my home and Express2Lead my family. Toastmasters happened to me like one happy accident and I am so glad that it happened. I met some really amazing people here and I’ve made some really good friends. I’ve always loved talking but Toastmasters taught me how to structure my thoughts and communicate better. Toastmasters redefined “Conversation” for me. I began my journey about a year ago and my club vested the responsibility of  VP PR followed by VP Membership. This term I am the VP Education and I want to make sure that I do justice to the responsibility. Hoping to have a great term ahead.

4. AVP Education : The enthusiastic Toastmaster Mr Rajiv Vohra

5. VP Membership : The creative Toastmaster Mr Atikant Singh

dpI am Atikant Singh. I come from an army background, which makes me proudly state the fact that by now, I have lived in more than 8 cities in different states of India. I graduated from NIT Durgapur. And For past three and a half years, I have been working at Samsung R&D India as senior software engineer. I have worked on many of the Samsung flagship models such as S6 , S5 etc. My hobbies are playing badminton and watching sitcoms. I joined Express2Lead club last year with an intention to enhance my public speaking skills. In future I see myself as an amazing story teller and a great inspirational speaker. Last term, I was assigned the responsibility of VP PR and this term i will serve my club as VP Membership.

6. AVP Membership : The Calm Toastmaster Mr Dinesh Kumar.


I Dinesh kumar, being in Toastmasters journey for 1 and half years, where i explored a lot on my public speaking and leadership skills. The day when visited as a guest in Toastmaster’s meeting I decided that this is the place i should have joined a long back & This is the club i have to join at any cost. For me being a toastmaster is like a “Team outing” on every week in which i enjoy a lot, learn a lot, encouraged and get entertained lot from my friends. This journey introducing everyday lots of friends who is ready to give hand when you fail, who is ready to applause when you win, Who becomes happy on my success which i never expected and feeling that i praised by god for being part of this club. I thank each and everyone of the Express2Lead Club members for the overwhelming support and being a part of my success in my life and career. I have to thank my loving Wife and cute daughter for supporting me on every week’s meeting.

7. VP-PR : Toastmaster Mr Masthan Koncha

IMG_6076 copy

I am Masthan Reddy, an engineer turned business man. My passion towards learning brought me to this great platform of Toastmasters. My hobbies include reading and listening (not to music but to people). Married to supraja who is a house maker and have a son Maulik, studying 1st standard.
Thank you all for giving me  the opportunity of being SAA of Express2lead for the term January – June, 2016.”


8. AVP PR : The Dynamic Toastmaster Mr Nanda Kumar 


I am Nanda, born and brought up in Chennai, i completed my degree in Pachaiyappa Collage. Working as Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco, building world class Firewall/VPN product. Love making new friends, explore ancient/ historic places and also do trekking, recent new hobby reading Books. Recent achievement did RWH at my apartment, due to which we are now self-sufficient and save 5 Lakh Rs every month.  Started my Toastmasters journey in 2015, so fare fun and lots of learning. It’s time to learn and contribute as officer in this prestigious Club.

9. Treasurer : Toastmaster Mr Kamaljeeth.

10. Secretory : Toastmaster Miss Pooja 

11. Associate Secretory: Toastmaster Mr Lalith 

12. SAA : Toastmaster Mr Anirudh 

I am Anirudh Reddy. I am from Hyderabad. I completed my B.tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineer from VIT University, Vellore. I served as a joint-secretary for the University Students’ Council of VIT and also had a chance to be a manager for the International cultural fest of VIT. Presently, I work for Intel as a contractor through Sankalp Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. I am a Memory Design Engineer, basically we are people who design memories which help you store your memories. I am a person who believes that to excel in career, once communication and interpersonal skills should be on power with their technical skills. I found that toastmasters was the best platform for enhancing my communication skills and taking it to the next level.Therefore, I joined Express2Lead in February 2016. I am thankful to all the members of express2lead for choosing me as the SAA for July-December 2016 term. I will put my best efforts to live upto the expectations and take the club to the next level.

13. Associate-SAA  : Toastmaster Mr Kishore 

14. Resource Library Admins : Toastmaster Mr Chandra & Miss Mashewari  



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