Special Meeting / Area D3 & D4 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest / 7th Oct’12

On October 7th’ 2012, Express2Lead hosted the Area D3 & D4 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest.

We saw some smart speakers trying to tickle the funny bone of the audience and earning brownie points. And then there were the “critics” who evaluated two brave speakers in a bid to earn the “Best Evaluator” award.

In the words of Dipak Mali, Area D4 Governor, here is the gist of the meeting (taken from his Fb status 🙂 ):

“Evaluation and Humorous Speech contest for Area D3 and D4 was held at Express2Lead club in Whitefield Today. We definitely missed Area Governor D3 Govind Pandey. The show was amazingly managed by leaders of Express2Lead club Sunitha Narayan and Joseph Sebastian. The day seemed brighter with presence of Past Area Governor L4 – Vinayak Kini – The saviour. The contest was not possible without the Contestants, who prepared for the day, and the anonyms judges who did justice to the job at hand under leadership of protocol-pakka chief judge and ALGM Pawas Chandra. Before the contestants of Humorous speech served the lunch of laughter, subtle appetizer was served by our test speakers, Sunny Raj Malik and Sudhir, who braved multiple evaluators. Divya, Ranjit Singh and Chaitanya Golla made sure that the operational issues of timing, escorting contestants, ballot collection and tally counting were taken care efficiently. We would like to thank all the dignitaries Pawas Chandra, Pearl Fernandese, M.K.Prasad, Sanjay Hassa, Anupama Srivastava and Kausthubh Rajendran who graced the occassion with their presence. The contestants for division level contest, on 17th November 2012 from Area D3 and D4 , are
Area D3, Evaluation: M.K.Patil and Swetha Raja
Area D3, Humurous Speech: Manoj Biswal and M.K. Patil
Area D4, Evaluation: Divya Prakash and Kunal Kapoor
Area D4, Humurous Speech: Saurav Jha and Jyoti Kumar”

It was a splendid Sunday morning put to use in one of the nicest ways! 🙂

The photographs have already been uploaded the Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.478068768894768&type=1


Special Meeting / Minutes of Meeting # 85 / 16th Sep 2012

Meeting # 85 was a special meeting – The Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest was held 🙂

Here is the poster that I made for campaigning:

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest @ Express2Lead TM Club

And the results:

Humorous Speech Contest:
Winner: Manoj Biswal
1st Runner Up: Vishal K.
2nd Runner Up: Joseph Sebastian

Evaluation Contest:
Winner: Shiv Kumar K.
1st Runner Up: Tripura S.
2nd Runner Up: Chandra R.
All the best for the next level!! Cheers 🙂
PS: Photographs have been uploaded on the Facebook group!

Special Meeting # 81 – Independence Day Aug 15, 2012

As mentioned earlier, the club celebrated India’s Independence Day as part of meeting # 81.

The dress code for the meeting was : Ethnic Wear!  And we saw different ethnic wear styles.  The one I liked the most was the Indian tricolor dupatta worn with a salwar suit.

This was a high level meeting was 4 Area Officers visiting the Express2Lead TM Club 🙂

The meeting was graced by 2 Area Governors – Govind Pandey, Meenu Maggie,  Asst. Division D Governor – Education & Training Pearl Fernandes and the District 82 Division D Governor Nitin Mehta.

We sincerely thank them again for taking out the time to visit our club.

The meeting minutes have already captured the proceedings of the meeting. So we move forward to the photographs!
Here are all the officers + members + guests! Everybody looks so so happy 🙂

The officers, club members, and guests at the Independence day special meeting!