Installation Ceremony July – Dec 2017

On 9 July 2017, the meeting was started by the very cheerful and bewitching MC (Master of Ceremony) Sarika Rangani with lots of laughter and dance moves.

Sarika MC

She called upon SAA – Lalit to tell 3 golden rules of Toastmasters. Lalit entered on the stage with dance moves from the Lungi Dance song and expressed his  gratitude to fellow officers and ex committee members for helping him in boosting his communication and presentation skills.

Lalit SAA.jpg

Lalit then called upon the dashing and fantabulous President TM Kaveri Dey. She rocked the stage with the song “Ladki kar gayi chul beautiful”. Then she thanked her entire crew along with past presidents, Area directors, founding members of club, and the members of Toastmaster for making the entire term of her’s successful with bunch of awards in the kitty.


After her presidential address she handed over the podium to MC (Sarika). Sarika then further gave an introduction about Division D director Aditya Gundecha .


Aditya also performed  dance moves and then continued with the new Executive Committee installation ceremony. He called all new officers on the stage and led them through their oaths to give their best effort to make the club shine like a star.

New officers.jpg

New officer for the term July- Dec 2017 are as below

Now it was time for the very special club meeting followed by special events:-

The MC asked for 5 volunteers, people volunteered with full enthusiasm , but MC trapped them. She asked the eager volunteers to perform dance moves and then audience should go along with them. hahahah… Audience got completely warmed up.

Next was the actual event

  1. Powerpoint Karaoke – There were 5 slides for each speaker and each slide would last for 30 seconds.
  2. Spin the Yarn – 3 Teams each having 3 members in it. Small story was told and then one of the team member has to continue from where the host left off for a minute and then 2nd member and then 3rd member would continue for a minute each. The team who spoke best got the first place.

All members enjoyed the contest to the core. People were practically rolling on the floor. After the fun filled activities, MC called the newly designated President John. John made an entry in Don Style with songs ” Main hoon DON” . Dance clips

john in Don

John gave his presidential speech and gave token of respect/appreciation (small plant) to the ex- presidents ( Ranjani, Nishok, Kaveri Dey, Sarika Rangani, Vishal Kistapuram), area director ( Abdul) and other strong supporting member ( Nitin Mehta, Amitabh Mishra, Partha Adhikari, Chandramouli) and Ex committee ( SAA – Lalit kumar & Aaqil , Secretary- Chanchal Kumar, VP Membership- Anirudh Sabhapathi, VP-PR – Ajay Babu & Ram, Treasurer- Atikant, VP education- Rajiv Vohra & Nagaraju Valakatla).

after this John narrated a small story of the rabbit and tortoise. How in the 1st race the tortoise won and then in a 2nd race, the rabbit was more cautious and won the race. In a 3rd race, the tortoise asked to choose a different route across a river, as the rabbit couldn’t swim, the tortoise won the race. After this the two decided to work as a team. Whenever there was plain road, the rabbit would run with the tortoise on his back and whenever there was river, the tortoise would take rabbit on his back.

It was a wonderful and inspirational story about how a team can work by covering ones weakness with partners strength.

The meeting concluded with lots of takeaways from the newly designated officers  and the toastmaster members.

Newly designated officers with their associates

new officers with associates

How can we forget our super duper audience who made our meeting so lively. A group pic below.

group pic.jpg

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