Installation Ceremony and Premier League

July 10 2016, Installation ceremony for new Express2Lead officers between July to Dec 2016 and fun filled Express2Lead premier league event.

New Officers



Secretary Report : Express2Lead Installation Ceremony 10th July 2016


10th July was a much awaited Sunday for everyone at ExpresstoLead for two reasons –

Firstly, it was a day when the new set of officers would take charge for the Jul-Dec 2016 term.

Secondly, everyone was looking forward to EPL – ExpresstoLead Contest and be a part of the fun-filled learning experience.

Preparations for the event had been in full swing, many days before the event, and on the D-Day, all the volunteers and role-takers arrived at the venue, well before time, making sure that all the arrangements were in place. By 11 am, the venue was bustling with activity, with scores of members and guests, exchanging greetings while forging new friendships and connections.

At 11:15 am, as everyone settled inside the room, the meeting was brought to a grand start by the host of the day, TM Masthan, who electrified the environment by his enthusiasm and energy. While he was super active on stage, he made sure that he took the audience along with him.  To pull everyone out from the comforts of their chairs, he made us all stand up and dance to the tunes of a couple of Bollywood numbers. The energy levels in the room soared to a new high when Mr. Cool of our club, TM Abdul Manaf, joined TM Masthan on stage to shake a leg or two! And as the “masakalis” danced to the music, the whole room was turned into a frenzy of fun, excitement and laughter!

After an entertaining opener, our exuberant MC took us on the glorious journey of our club from its humble inception to where it is today. I am sure the past leaders of our club, must have felt nostalgic and filled with s sense of pride when TM Masthan spoke about all the accomplishments that our club has achieved in a short span of just 5 years to become one of the most sought after clubs in Bangalore. This background, also set the tone for the next milestone for which everyone had been eagerly waiting– the 12th installation ceremony wherein the newly-elected members would assume office to take the legacy forward to newer heights. For this, once again we had E2L’s Mr. Cool, our past president TM Abdul take on stage to administer the oath of service to the incoming officers. As the new set of officers, with the baton in their hand, pledged to serve the club to the best of their capacity in their respective roles, one could sense being enveloped by that invisible energy of pride, hope and vigor.

This was followed by the Rewards ceremony, wherein all the outgoing officers were recognized for their stupendous contribution in the last term towards the club’s success and growth.  Though in a conventional sense, this officially marked the end of the installation ceremony, but then there was a twist to the tale added by our MC! In quite a departure from the norm, TM Masthan made each member in the audience pledge to a six-point action plan with a goal to reinforce the values our club stands for and to invigorate the members to carry that legacy forward

Here’s TM Masthan’s six-point action plan for every Toastmaster:

I enjoy coming to meetings atleast 15 mins before the scheduled time

I pay 100% attention to speakers

I applaud and encourage every speaker to do their best

I keep up my promises to VP-Ed to complete my speeches on time

I take up club meeting roles

I help mentor as many members as I can

Member pledge was followed with an address by E2L President TM Ranjani, wherein she shared her experiences as E2L VP-ED in the last term and her vision for the club growth.  She was spot on when she said, “Leadership is not a process or a title. it’s a responsibility. It’s an action”. And as part of that action plan she laid out the four foundational pillars of growth for our club – a TEAM :

  1. Timing: Ensuring that meetings start and end on time
  2. Evaluation: Ensuring that all speeches/meetings are provided with the best quality evaluations
  3. Advancement: Ensuring that an increasing number of members’ progress on the Competent and Advanced Levels of Communication and Leadership tracks
  4. Mentoring: Ensuring that every member is guided on their TM journey by experienced mentors for a minimum of initial 6 months

President TM Ranjani concluded her speech with a note of appreciation towards all the mentors and outgoing officers and urged everyone to continue on this journey of excellence as always.

With the concluding remarks from TM Ranjini, we launched into the second and last phase of the event, the much awaited contest ExpresstoLead Premiere League wherein we had 2 sessions that led us on an extravaganza of fun and creativity.

First, we had the JAM session where in the two 6-member teams were given a topic each:

Topic for Team 1: “what is your most embarrassing moment”

Topic for Team 2: “Even the best of us miss work from time to time. What are some of the best excuses for missing work? “

The max time allotted per person was 1 minute and a team member could be jammed by another member from the same team for use of inappropriate grammar, crutch words or repeat words etc. TM Ram Prasad emerged as the “Best JAMmer” among all the contestants!

This was followed by MAD Ads session where each of the 4 teams were required to create a spoof on the products assigned to them – Pepsodent, Lipstick, Deodrant and Mint. All the teams came up with really creative and whacky ideas but the team that finally stole the hearts of our judges was Team 3 (TM Vinod, TM Atikant, TM Chandrashekhar and TM David)

Finally, the event drew to a closure with some more fun, photo-shoots, selfies and yummy snacks!! All in all it was a great event, a Sunday morning well spent in the company of some of the most amazing people in Banaglore!! If you all also want to be a part of this awesome learning experience, do plan a visit on any Sunday 10:45 AM @ SAP LABS.

Fun filled premier league event photos.


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