BarnauRaghuvarBimalJasu …..” Honk! Honk! Honk!

“Who the hell is honking in-front of the temple?” “People should know at this time of the morning that too on a Tuesday people come and pray here” I thought while reciting Hanuman Chalisa (hymn) in the temple on a small cross road near my house. I lost the track of my prayers and the only option left was to start it all over again.

“Asa kahiShripatiKanthLaagave….” Honk! Honk! Honk!

“Someone has to teach this person some manners”, I thought. In fact, I decided that it would be the first thing I would do after am done with my prayers but the problem was that I had to finish my prayers first and the worst part was that he was the only one who at present could bail me out of it by not honking continuously.  With a greater resolve I started my third attempt with a louder and more vigorous approach, of course not to please the God but to simply out do the fellow in the car.

Finally after my fifth attempt, I finished and hurriedly went looking for the car and the culprit who was still honking. From behind his car I aggressively went straight to the driver’s seat. But the moment I saw him, I smiled profusely. On the driver’s seat was a man with a two year old child honking and smiling and she passed that bright smile to me. What else could I have done any differently than to smile back and encourage her to keep on doing it?

All my anger and frustration was changed to happiness and serenity. The child changed my perspective or did I change it myself?

On my way back to home I realized that a lot of times we try to change others according to our requirements. Today that child taught me to take a pause, accept the situation and probably look the picture from a different  perspective.

May we all get the strength to take a pause, accept the situation and look from other’s perspective before we react.

–TM Rajiv Vohra


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