Being a Chartered Accountant by profession and a teacher by passion I have always wondered whether are we giving the right kind of education to our children.

I believe that,


How do we learn to use our basic senses? Is it taught? When we were born we soaked in all the sights, smells, sounds which came to us.  We probed, touched, licked and kicked everything within reach.

Earlier around 70 years back India had the culture of a joint family with several generations living together.  The child, right from the moment it was born was always exposed with the experience of almost 2 to 3 generations.  Technology was not in vogue and every child had to experience every learning.

Look at today’s scenario where we have mostly nuclear families with only one child.  The day a child is born she is pampered with all the goodies of life.  Technology is at its high and the child has only illusionary experiences of everything in life. We are busy converting our children into money making machines.

As per census in the year 1947 only 12% of the Indian population was literate.  But the youngest freedom fighters were 18 years old.  But look at the present, when India’s literacy rate is around 66% as against world average of 88% how many children even know how to fight for their basic rights? Previously the child used to work hard now a child hardly works.

As a parent we have to have an open mind and educate ourselves and look at our child. It is adult arrogance to say that we teach children.  All children are born learners.  They learn all on their own without being taught. Children require guidance and support far more than instructions. Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.

What is it that we as parents need to equip our child with:

  • Patiently listen to them and understand their inner mind.
  • Teach them the value of money and make them realize that nothing is free.
  • Teach them to evaluate others including our demands vis a vis their interest and help them say NO to others including our expectations if required.
  • Time wasted is time lost andS we can make them understand this by giving certain tasks to be completed within specified time limits to fulfill their demands.
  • Observe your child and bring out their hidden talent. Give them all the avenues and opportunities so that they can excel in them.
  • Break the shackles of mind and expose them to stars and sun and not STAR TV and SUN TV.
  • Admit them to the nature’s school where the sun, moon, stars, trees and rivers offer them more learning than the four walls of a room.

Teach them how to be tender to a child, compassionate to the aged, sympathetic to the under privileged and tolerant with the weak.

Catch them young and teach them the basic communication skills that would be needed to face this demanding world.  Teach them to be truthful and honest in all their efforts and fight for their rights in a moral way.  Help them discover their inner desires and move ahead in this direction from a young age so that we can produce more innovators and leaders and able politicians who can take the future in a right path. Let us help our child experiment and create inventions and make India proud.


We as Toastmasters can start this in our own house by giving the right communication and leadership skills that they need to make this the beginning of a new revolution.

— TM Sudha Balajee



BarnauRaghuvarBimalJasu …..” Honk! Honk! Honk!

“Who the hell is honking in-front of the temple?” “People should know at this time of the morning that too on a Tuesday people come and pray here” I thought while reciting Hanuman Chalisa (hymn) in the temple on a small cross road near my house. I lost the track of my prayers and the only option left was to start it all over again.

“Asa kahiShripatiKanthLaagave….” Honk! Honk! Honk!

“Someone has to teach this person some manners”, I thought. In fact, I decided that it would be the first thing I would do after am done with my prayers but the problem was that I had to finish my prayers first and the worst part was that he was the only one who at present could bail me out of it by not honking continuously.  With a greater resolve I started my third attempt with a louder and more vigorous approach, of course not to please the God but to simply out do the fellow in the car.

Finally after my fifth attempt, I finished and hurriedly went looking for the car and the culprit who was still honking. From behind his car I aggressively went straight to the driver’s seat. But the moment I saw him, I smiled profusely. On the driver’s seat was a man with a two year old child honking and smiling and she passed that bright smile to me. What else could I have done any differently than to smile back and encourage her to keep on doing it?

All my anger and frustration was changed to happiness and serenity. The child changed my perspective or did I change it myself?

On my way back to home I realized that a lot of times we try to change others according to our requirements. Today that child taught me to take a pause, accept the situation and probably look the picture from a different  perspective.

May we all get the strength to take a pause, accept the situation and look from other’s perspective before we react.

–TM Rajiv Vohra


Winston Churchill: This Nobel Prize-winning, twice-elected Prime Minster of the United Kingdom wasn’t always as well regarded as he is today. Churchill struggled in school and failed the sixth grade. After school he faced many years of political failures /as he was defeated in every election for public office until he finally became the Prime Minister at the ripe old age of 62.

Not everyone who’s on top today got there with success after success. More often than not, those who history best remembers were faced with numerous obstacles that forced them to work harder and show more determination than others. This can be said for education as well, as furthering your education with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can also help do wonders for your success. Next time you’re feeling down about your failures in life or in a career. Please keep famous people in mind and remind yourself that sometimes failure is just the first step towards success.

You will notice that Toastmasters is a platform and the program that is most successful of all the organization. It has had the greatest positive impact on my life. I believe the benefits of membership extend far beyond simple public speaking skills. I think almost everyone would benefit from joining toastmaster. One of the big problems I see with Toastmasters current reputation is that most people on initial inspection believe that it is simply a program for speakers to get together and practice what, for most people is an often unused skill. Since most people don’t do any public speaking aside from the occasional meeting, they see the (usually) weekly meetings as being a considerable investment for unsure benefits.

Unfortunately what most people don’t understand is that the skills learned in mastering public speaking and leadership are core skills needed for dealing with other people. These skills are the communication skills you use many times every single day. Instead of thinking about doing a big presentation with your Toastmaster skills, think about something as simple as talking with a group of friends.

Many people who have labelled themselves ‘introverts’ or lack social skills can find Toastmasters to be a fantastic place to rapidly improve their communication skills. Even if you are currently a very sociable person, Toastmasters can teach you to improve your skills and give you the confidence that comes from being a competent speaker. But if you just go to one meeting and see the prepared speeches, this benefit of Toastmasters might not be apparent. It took me several months before I really found the intrinsic benefits to Toastmasters. Although the improvement to public speaking comes immediately, it can take a little longer before you recognize the benefits it has in all communication.

Toastmasters is a great place to make friends and meet new people but I would say that the Toastmasters atmosphere facilitates it even more. I have met many people through Toastmasters, including many people I might not have otherwise had the chance to meet.

One of the reasons I feel Toastmasters makes it easier to meet people is because there is a strong emphasis on being very supportive of the people around you. It’s too bad that this attitude isn’t ingrained in all our dealings with other people because it really makes it much easier to make friends. Generally I have found Toastmasters to be a place that tries its best to make people feel welcomed.

One more reason Toastmasters is a great place to meet people is because there is mutually positive feedback between members. By giving and receiving positive feedback I think rapport is established much more quickly. If you do decide to join a club with a high volume of new members I have found this to be even more true as everyone is trying to learn at the same time.

Please find the five tips for the best delivery in your speech that will become memorable to all:

  • Be prepared. Your audience is giving you their time and consideration so rehearse enough to be confident and you’ll leave a good impression.
  • Start strong. Begin your speech with a powerful opening that will grab your audience’s attention, such as a startling fact or statistic, an interesting story or a funny joke.
  • Be conversational. Avoid reading your speech word for word. Instead, refer to notes or points from an outline to help your speech have a more free-flowing, conversational tone.
  • Speak with passion. If you’re truly invested in what you’re saying, you’ll be better able to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Be patient. It’s easy to get frustrated if you make a mistake. But remember that public speaking is not easy and it takes time to hone your skills. Keep practising and you will reach your goals.

I wish each and every one best of luck for making it BIG like Winston Churchill  in their of Toastmaster journey and this platform will give you success, success and only success..

 —DTM Nitin Mehta