E2L Toastmasters Intl. Meeting No 239

Another amazing meeting followed with Sushil Kumar’s Educational session ” The magic of effective communication”. We got to know different facets of communication. Sushil took deep dive into the intricacies of various aspects of communication.

He involved the audience through out the session with his deep knowledge of facts and his ability to create humor.


Educational Season is in full swing at Express2Lead. Express2Lead present another Fantastic Session by DTM Kumaran M Pethi. How to ace through Table Topics.

Kumaran Pethi's educational session

Educational Season is in full swing at Express2Lead. Express2Lead present another Fantastic Session by DTM Kumaran M Pethi. How to ace through Table Topics.

Posted by Express2Lead Toastmasters Club on Monday, February 8, 2016

“>Educational Session By Kumara Pethi

E2L Toastmasters Intl. Meeting # 238

Express2Lead Toastmaster Club

Meeting No. : 238   Meeting Date: 31-JAN-2016  start time: 11:05 am


Theme:  Choose to surround yourself with Greatness.
Word : Meaning Prudent: Marked by Sound Judgement/Careful and Sensible.
Phrase of the Day Dig Hard and you will find the Right Answer.


Minutes of Meeting:

TM Masthan, Sergeant at arms began the meeting exactly at 11:05 am with “Energetic Good-Morning” followed by minute of exercise to pioneer the essence of leaning to come for next 2 hours.

Express2Lead Toastmaster club President, TM Abdul took over the meeting for Presidential address, which covered ‘Introduction to Toastmasters’ for benefit of guest and at the end welcomed each guest by asking them to introduce themselves.
TM Kuldeep, Master of Ceremony (MC) took over the meeting introducing Theme of the day with deep insight and story, tardily getting to “Toastmaster Meeting Format” for the benefit of guest and finally introducing all role takers of the meeting.

Role Role Taker
Grammarian TM Chandra
Ah-Counter TM Giri
Timer. TM Sri Satya

MC then opened ‘Prepared Speech Session’ by asking respective Evaluator to read the project objectives followed by speech.

Details are mentioned hereafter:-

1. TM Nitin Garg delivered his CC Manual Project no. 4 (How to say It.), evaluated by TM Rajeev Vohra.

  1. TM Poojadelivered his CC Manual Project no. 8 (Get comfortable with Visual Aids.), evaluated by TM Shweta Vohra.After Completing Prepared speech session, MC then introduced Table Topic Master “ TM Mayandi” to carry forward the session.TM Mayandi drifted the session miraculously with materialistic yet severe topics. Which accorded 8 participants including both Toastmasters and Guests.

    General Evaluator, DTM Amitabh took over the session asking every Speech Evaluators to present their evaluations and his Tag team to present their reports one by one.

    General Evaluator then finally assessed the Meeting from beginning to End. And handed it over to MC.

    MC then concluded the meeting with Last thoughts on theme for the meeting and handed it over to President for some important announcement and Award ceremony.

Achievers were:

Achievement Achievers.
Best Speaker TM Nitin Garg
Best Speech Evaluator TM Shweta Vohra
Best Table Topic Speaker Guest Suma
Best Role Player TM Mayandi
Best Role Player (Tag-Team) TM Giri


Announcement were:

  • Express2lead will have an Educational session on 7th Feb.
  • Judges Training Program -7th Feb