And the TOM goes to….

And the TOM – Toastmaster of the month award goes to — TM Chandra Shekhar’s for his valuable contribution to the club. His dedication, hard work and commitment to achieve more with every passing minute stands him out of the crowd. He was one of the leading person behind the success of YLP(Youth Leadership Program) conducted by Express2Lead in the month of Nov-Dec 2015. Keep rocking Chandra..miles to go miles to go!!!



Installation Ceremony : Some candid moments and updates from the meeting


Sunday, January 10th

E2L Premier League and Installation Ceremony.

Meeting with around 50 enthusiastic members and guest was marked as a glimmer to new

Term (Jan-Jun) and A New Year. Witnessing a boastful of Prominent Toastmaster leader to

Express to Lead Club.:

Sarika-  Area D2 Director, Nishok – area D1 director, DTM Boopathy -District 92 linkers


coordinator, Sudanshu –  Division E Director, DTM Chandramouli- Division A Director




Hosted by TM Mayandi ( an overrated Humorous –Now Married Toastmaster ).


TM mayandi left no part of ceremony w/o a laughter. Not to forget as he mention, Subject line of

Ranjani’s agenda mail caught his attention to his newly started exciting married life, with Good


day biscuits and coffee served in early morning to continuous text messages dropped by his

wife asking for his minute-to-minute details after he leaves for office.

TM Sarika rangani with her aural presence conducted New Club Officers installation ceremony

TM Sarika announced and hosted a swearing ceremony for current term Club officers starting

from SAA to President.

TM Sahaya (Ex-President), as a stalwart, lavished all outgoing club officers with Vote of thanks mentioning each officer’s efforts for the term.


TM Abdul congratulated the new term officers and shared his vision for next 6 months.


Newsletter was released by TM Govind Pandey.


TM Aarthi magnificently conducted a EPL (Express2lead premier league) with Tall tale speech

and table topic contest.


That invited

TM Vishal, TM Govid, TM Paramjeet and TM Chandramouli for tall tale speech, Which

bestowed the great tales a person can think off…..( Like, sharing a Jet-Airway flight with Mr.

Narendra Modi and offering him suggestions to his political problems, and being dressed as

Jodha Begum on Halloween Night )

going on we had table topic session with topic ‘Intelligence is not enough”.

Now we go for snacks Yaaayyyyy..!! But meeting isn’t over..still formal table topic session,

results and some announcement left…. So please don’t hang up.

Alright after having much awaited snacks (:p ) as a starters

a Main course of impromptu table topic session was served to 12 participating member, who

individually spilled their unravelling thoughts on “Intelligence not being enough”.

Finally EOM marked results and some announcements mentioned below.


Tall Tale:

1st : TM Govind Pandey : Man ki Baat


2nd :TM Vishal : Bugger


3rd : TM Param : The Halloween Jodha


Table Topic: ( Intelligence is not enough )

1st : TM David



2nd : TM Kaveri


3rd : TM Anek


some other recognitions and announcement:


TM Kaveri with CC Award.

TM Chandra with Toastmaster of the Month (TOM)

TM Sahaya as a mentor.


Registration for coronation-2016 are open.